Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hockey Film Planned

David E. Kelley the offbeat producer/writer of Mystery, Alaska, will bring the story of the World Hockey Association and legendary player Gordie Howe to the screen.
The film's story will focus on the 1973-74 season when Howe, then 44, returned to pro hockey after two years in retirement and played on the same team as his two sons, Mark and Marty, in the upstart World Hockey Assn. Howe's wife Colleen served as agent-manager for the trio, which led the Houston Aeros to the championship, with the elder Howe named league MVP.

"The thrill of playing with my two sons that first year in Houston could only be surpassed by telling the story on the bigscreen," Howe said.

Kelley will turn his attention to the project following the launch of "Life on Mars" for ABC.

The Baldwins and Kelley worked together previously on "From the Hip," which Kelley penned, and on the 1999 hockey film "Mystery, Alaska," which Kelley co-wrote [...]

Kelley's eponymous shingle currently produces "Boston Legal" for ABC, is in pre-production on "Life on Mars" and has a TV adaptation of Joseph Wambaugh's "Hollywood Station" in development. Ilitch has produced several films, including "Lost in Space."
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