Monday, October 30, 2006

Hockey Erotica

The Five Hole: Stories of Sex and Hockey

Dave Bidini, gutarist with the canadian band, The Rheostatics, and author of such acclaimed hockey books as, The Tropic of Hockey, and The Best Game You Can Name, has a new book coming out called... The Five Hole. It's a collection of six stories all about the wild days of 1970's hockey, sex and debauchery.

What a combo, eh?
The story was a sexual awakening of sorts for Bidini, who tells me "the time has come for sex and hockey to come together."

It’s a side of hockey that hasn’t been talked about, he explains, "except under the low lights of the Tavern or bar."

Or in jokes, like: Why do Montrealers do it Doggie Style? So they can watch the game.

Or, when players are behaving badly, and sexually assaulting women, or when coaches are assaulting their young players.

But there’s a more innocent sexy side to hockey, says Bidini. Heck, when you’ve got a bunch of guys skating around with big sticks, shooting and scoring, how can there not be?

Sticks and dicks

Especially during its heyday in the ’70s, a "real wild-and-swinging-guy era for hockey, with the tight trousers and the long hair," says Bidini.

It was swinging, quite literally, in come cases.

"It was public knowledge that Bob Nevin and another player were wife swapping," says Bidini.

And back then, before hockey players were micro-managed and heavily marketed, that fast-and-hard lifestyle was more celebrated, he adds.

"There was a bit of that sweet, na├»ve, hoser-star hockey player enjoying the banquet of life," he laments. "I just think it’s an amusing era to look at in terms of sexuality."
Yes indeed, it was a very amusing era... for both hockey and sex.

The Five Hole: Stories of Sex and Hockey, goes on sale sometime in November, look for it.

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