Friday, November 09, 2007

Poll Numbers

NHL Power Rankings...

1) [1] Ottawa Senators (13-1-0, 26 points)
The Ottawa Senators just broke the NHL record for hottest start to a season. Their starting goaltender played just TWO of those games, due to injury. Chris Phillips, D, is +15 just 14 games into the season. Still has a ways to go before he reaches Bobby Orr's all-time record of +124--one of the few records Gretzky doesn't own.

2) [2] Detroit Red Wings (12-2-1, 25 points)
It was Wings' record that the Senators just broke. But with the league's top scorer in Zetterberg, and Lidstrom and Chelios playing like it's five years ago, I doubt the Wings have anything to complain about. Well, other than how Chris Osgood (goalie) has more assists than three of their forwards (in half the games!).

3) [4] Colorado Avalanche (10-5-0, 20 points)
Stastny has cooled off, as was inevitable. But this team has not, winning six of their last seven games. And the open door is now the shut door as Theodore is now this team's best goalie.

4) [3] Montreal Canadiens (8-3-3, 19 points)
Yes, they lost to Toronto. But it's not like anyone below them on this list has fared any better these past few weeks. And they sure don't seem to be missing Souray any. Only in Montreal can you have a .930 save percentage and fans question whether you should be starting or not.

5) [7] Carolina Hurricanes (9-3-3, 21 points)
Brind'Amour. Staal. Stillman. Cole. Whitney! You have to think that these Canes might be better than the team that won the Cup two years ago. What would Ronny Franchise have given for this?

6) [8] Philadelphia Flyers (9-5-0, 18 points)
The Flyers are currently 3-4 on their 8-game road trip. You do have to feel a little sorry for them. Can't quite look the Devils in the eye yet, but getting there. High priced acquisition Briere is one of five Flyers who is minus. Biron is goaltending better than the guy who made him expendable in Buffalo. And there are plenty on this team capable of becoming the fourth suspended Flyer this season.

7) [11] Columbus Blue Jackets (8-4-2, 18 points)
Ken Hitchcock has this team playing defense, and now they're the third-best defense in the league. The Jackets remain the Nash and Leclaire show, as Leclaire has 5 shutouts in 9 starts. (That is NOT a misprint!)

8) [13] New York Islanders (8-4-0, 16 points)
The Islanders grudgingly get this spot, as the team is -1 despite their .667 win pct. This team has remarkably balanced scoring and solid, if not spectacular goaltending. Which is good, because he's signed for the next 14 seasons!

9) [9] Pittsburgh Penguins (7-7-1, 15 points)
Fleury has lost his starting goaltending spot to Dany Sabourin, who will play in his 23rd career NHL game this week. In those games, he is 5-10 for his career. That said, he's still been better than Fleury (at the moment), which leads one to wonder--will Fleury ever reach the potential he showed just a few seasons ago?

10) [5] San Jose Sharks (7-7-1, 15 points)
A little upstaged by the Modano road tour last night, Jeremy Roenick is only 55 points behind him. JR's best statistical season came in 1993, and he is now one goal short of 500 for his career. These two actually played together for the US Hockey junior team in '89. Which American great would you have rather had?
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