Friday, November 09, 2007

Hockey Gone Wild

...#17 in a continuing series.

The videotape they didn't want you to see...

Hockey GM denies trying to cover up brawl
Halifax Wolverines player Kirk Forrest dropped his gloves just 43 seconds into a game Tuesday night, and chased down Josh McKinnon of the Summerside Western Capitals.

Forrest told CTV Atlantic he was seeking revenge for a previous incident and had no regrets.

"He hurt my teammate," said Forrest. "I stuck up for my teammate."

He pursued MacKinnon to the visiting team's bench and landed several punches. Another Wolverines player then dove right into the bench and the brawl escalated. [...]

The brawl was captured on tape by students Greg Sewart and Joey Johnson from Halifax's Atlantic Media Institute.

After the fight, the general manager of the Wolverines, Jack Finlay, approached the students and allegedly suggested they should tell others the tape had been lost.

"He suggested, 'Tell them we destroyed the tapes,'" said Sewart, 31.

"We were asked to lose the footage. It just seems so strange and unethical that we should be told that."

CTV News contacted Finlay, who denied making the suggestion. He said he only asked for a copy of the tape and then hung up the phone.

In an interview with the Halifax Chronicle Herald, Finlay had a different answer. He said he was only joking, and had made his comments in reference to a previous game between the two teams that Summerside failed to record.
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Anonymous said...

Lol at the guy running/skating to the bench and then the one flying into it haha!

What would be the coach's motivation to have the tape destroyed? I mean its not like he personally started the brawl or participated in it.