Saturday, September 08, 2007

"The Gladiator of Hockey Movies"

The Rocket won nine Canadian Genie awards including best director and best actor as well as the Canadian equivalent of the Oscar this year. If you get a chance see it.

"Bold, gripping, passionate. Punctuated by the most exciting hockey scenes ever presented in a feature film.:
-Jason Anderson,
EYE WEEKLY (Toronto)

"Hugely entertaining and invigorating… a story not just of a sports star, but of a working-class hero and champion of the oppressed.”
-Matthew Hays, CBC

"This terrific film is as much about language and resistance as the forging of an icon. The Rocket's rise as the first French-speaking idol coincided with the Francophone search for identity in postwar Canada. From a backdrop of seething language oppression comes this film's depth, elevating the movie above the genre of sports biopic.”
-Erik Floren, EDMONTON SUN

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