Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ratings Boosters

Bill Price writing for has some of what I think are nifty, but I would guess to many are some wacky ideas about getting more viewers to tune in to the NHL. Here's a couple of my favorites.
GET THE VIEWERS INVOLVED: There are two reasons why "American Idol" is so huge. Not only do viewers tune in to see how incoherent Paula Abdul will be on a nightly basis, they also get to play a role in the outcome of the show. So instead of letting the mystery men in Toronto decide disputed goals, the NHL should let the viewers make the call via phone-in vote. The league could show the play once or twice and then have a 4-minute window where fans could vote - goal or not a goal. Imagine the excitement that would generate. Plus, you have to figure the Rangers would get every call. [...]

MORE FIGHTING: Nothing makes me laugh harder - besides Carrot Top - then folks who say fighting should be outlawed in hockey. Outlawed? Try encouraged, possibly rewarded. If a guy wins a fight, his team gets a power play. If he loses, his squad plays shorthanded. Violence equals ratings. What do you think would happen to NASCAR's ratings if crashes were banned? Exactly. More blood, more viewers. It's that simple.
Yeah, I know these are tongue in cheek kind of things but I really do think the NHL needs to start thinking a little out side the box if they ever hope to attract any viewership to their anemic TV broadcasts.

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