Friday, May 18, 2007

NASCAR is Hockey!

...and Hockey is NASCAR.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, it's a bizarre analogy but in a way it's a very true one. Especially the checking of fellow competitors into the boards part of both sports.

Tomas Holmstrom is a stud! A NASCAR Truck if you will!

And the other night a few dumb ass ducks did what THEY thought was necessary after Tomas had scored his 2 goals…..they Kevin Harvicked or Juan Pablo’d him! But even worse…they took him out from behind! Gutless! But predictable for a franchise that couldn’t SPELL Stanley Cup….let alone capture one! But that’s WHY I love Hockey…and why Hockey and NASCAR live side by side! No offense to Indy or Champ Car, or supercross…ALL damn tremendous in their own right. But NASCAR, stock car, and Truck racing is the closest thing to God’s sport…(Hockey) on wheels!

NASCAR trucks going 3 or even 4 wide into a corner at Daytona is like Holmstrom, Pronger, and Bertuzzi all converging on a puck! And it’s bad ass!! And so is Jeff Gordon punching out Denny Hamlin in the final pit stop of the day to get his 3rd Victory in 4 weeks! And then laughing in your face! Most importantly…it breeds confidence, in their sport….and in the hearts! We’ve already seen lids of NASCAR toboggans sporting bands/musicians and even lame TV shows on Fox! But whether it’s IN th3 paint scheme…or in a Press Release…..the NHL lives. In NASCAR! And THAT"S why I love Sunday’s whether they’re carrying sticks…or Stick shifts!

Oh yeah....after Holmstrom took 13 stitches in his HEAD ....he was BACK on the ice 14 minutes later. JUST long enough to set up the final goal in a 5 to ZERO ass beating of the ducks! Sounds like Todd Bodine to me?
Now if only the powers that be that run hockey could figure out a way to remove their heads from their butts long enough to market and televise the thrills and excitment of their sport the way that NASCAR has been able to with theirs we'd be all set.

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