Sunday, January 28, 2007

Soul on Ice

The little known and often outright hidden Colored Hockey League which predated the NHL and the Negro Baseball League from 1894 to 1925 was responsible for a number of firsts in the evolution of hockey, not only as far as who played it, but also HOW the game was and is still played to this day.

For more info on the Colored Hockey League and the book Black Ice which chronicles it's history, check out this previous post of mine.


Derek said...

Wow! This is really cool. I had never heard of any of this before. It's amazing how ignorance can completely distort/erase history. I'm going to have to look into the book. Thank you for sharing this!

By the way, love the blog, I'm going to keep checking back.

br. t. said...

Thanks for the compliment about the blog derek.

Yes, the contribution of black hockey players to the sport is very cool and unfortunately very unacknowledged. Thanks to books like "Black Ice" hopefully the history and accomplishments of those players will now be finally known and appreciated.