Wednesday, February 08, 2006

No Loonies in Hockey

Well actually there are many loonies in hockey (see: Tocchet, et al) but the ones we're referring to here are the monetary ones and apparently they won't be allowed in Turin... on or under the ice anyways.
The Associated Press has reported Craig turned down a request to place a loonie beneath the ice in Turin, a decision that could — should our dual dreams of Olympic hockey gold implode — make him Canadian hockey enemy No. 1.

You all remember the Lucky Loonie: the Canadian dollar coin that was placed surreptitiously beneath the ice at the 2002 Olympics. This one buck (and not the millions of others spent on actual players or the Olympic program) was credited with the Canadian men and women winning gold. The Great One himself held it aloft after the gold medalgame as proof of its (possibly dwarf-forged) powers, and it was later displayed at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Craig has probably P.O.’d many Canadians, who are no doubt busy sharpening hockey sticks for his head to be hoisted on if anything less than lucky happens in Italy. How can we possibly win without our Loonie?

Bummer, I really liked the whole legend of the loonie from the 2002 games. Figures that after it became known they'd take steps to prevent a repeat performance.

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