Tuesday, February 28, 2006

If Anyone Is Interested

I've suspended this hockey blog for the time being and I'm presently devoting my energy to following a completely different "calling" that's been trying to reach me for awhile now but hasn't been able to get through until recently. The line I guess had been busy.


Bryant said...

Cool. You just need to turn on the atom feed :)

br. t. said...

It should be on Bryant.

Here's the link:

Tom Benjamin said...

Good luck, Odd Man.

I'm not into the issues raised on your other blog, but here's a couple of links you might enjoy.

The Slacktivist

Real Live Preacher

br. t. said...

Thanks Tom, Good Luck to you too... except when in comes to Av vs Canuck contests. You've been a big inspiration to me and thanks for the great links.