Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bowman to Toronto

...the rumour that just won't go away.
October 16, Globe and Mail: Among hockey broadcasters, speculation has Toronto Maple Leaf general manager John Ferguson fired in November if the team continues to lose more than it wins. Who would replace him? Colin Campbell, the NHL's Toronto based head of hockey operations, seems to be a favourite. But would the league allow him to leave his job in mid-season? Would Scotty Bowman take the job?

Two views Bowman:

- One broadcaster says Bowman would jump at the opportunity to run the Leafs if his contract matched that of Bryan Colangelo, who is president and general manager of the Toronto Raptors. (Both Raptors and Leafs are owned by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.) Bowman would want Colangelo's autonomy and a contract that matched his annual stipend of about $3-million (U.S.). If Bowman took over, he would "clean house," the source said.

However, Bowman is 74 years old. Physically, is he up to the job of rebuilding an organization? Apparently so. He's healthy and looking for a challenge. Both parents lived into their 90s.

A second view: "Scotty asked for a Colangelo type of contract in the summer," said a source. "I think he enjoyed being courted by MLSE. But ultimately he's 74 and he's very loyal to the Ilitch family (which own the Detroit Red Wings, for which Bowman is a consultant.) I think he really enjoys his grandkids and I don't know that he wants to get into the day to day operation of a hockey club."
Bowman has gone on the record at least eight times as stating that he's a) not interested in the job and b) very happy being a consultant to the Detroit Red Wings organization. The rumours, however, never end...
No, they never do.

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