Sunday, August 05, 2007

Scotty Bowman to Join the Leafs?

Hell, why not? They've tried everything else in attempting to win the Cup again. Might as well give Scotty a shot at helping make it happen.
The search for a senior advisor to the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs has been ongoing for months, but according to one Toronto newspaper, the search could possibly end as early as this week with hockey legend Scotty Bowman leaning towards accepting the post.

Bowman still remains as an advisor to the Detroit Red Wings and has reportedly been approached in the past by the Maple Leafs only to turn down their offer on two occasions.

Reports also indicate that if Bowman accepts the post, the front office makeup of the Maple Leafs would change drastically. The housecleaning would include general manager John Ferguson Jr. and head coach Paul Maurice.
Who knows? Maybe having a guy on board whose won nine Cups over the years will finally break the looooong string of futility those of the Leafs Nation have been enduring.

I kind of doubt it though.

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