Saturday, November 25, 2006

Give Me that Old Time Hockey

Hmmm, no sooner I put up The Fight Song (unplugged) in the preceding post... then we actually get a old fashion, late in the game, send a message, type brouhaha occur. Imagine that. Certainly it's rarity to see one these daze, that's for sure. I thought they had become extinct? Who knew?

However, soon this time honored aspect of the game will be gone forever. And I'm not just talking about late game stuff like this. I'm talking fighting in general will be gone... period. Even the current and finest practicioners of the manly art know their days are numbered.
Georges Laraque was lamenting the inevitable this week.

The decline of the fight game. No, he wasn't referring to the thin ranks of boxing's heavyweight class.

Laraque, the Phoenix Coyotes' winger and enforcer, was talking to Pierre LeBrun of The Canadian Press about the sun setting on the NHL tough guy.

"I know that within two years there won't be any fighters in the league anymore," Laraque said. "Within two years -- I'm serious -- because this is how it's going. More and more teams don't have fighters."

A nine-year veteran, Laraque has had a good run, but he frets over the future of his young "brothers," such as the Ottawa Senators' Brian McGrattan.
Soon these "brothers" in arms will be riding off into the sunset for good.... or to the LNAH.

I sure do miss the occasional brouhaha. Here's some classics from my yesteryears.

That first one shown between the Bruins and the old Colorado Rockies (Rocky Hockey) my future wife and I attended. It was her first game and she's been absolutely hooked ever since. Needless to say... I married her. You can't let the good ones that love hockey get away.

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