Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Boni Machine

Similar in some respects to a baseball pitching machine, the Boni can throw pucks up to 100 miles per hour at goalies or players to help them with various aspects of their games.

Machine brings NHL power home
The machine, called a Boni, is a teaching tool for goaltenders, explains Keram, the centre’s skate programmer.

It can be adjusted to shoot from different heights and angles to simulate multiple shots.

“With this machine you can go from five to 90 or 100 miles an hour. You could replicate the shot of an NHL player.”

The fast shots make it harder to read where the puck is going to go, demanding faster reactions on the part of the goalie.

“It is good practice for kids to speed up,” Sanders explains coming off the ice.

The machine’s spits pucks at a speed that exceeds what he would typically face during a real game. But that doesn’t worry Sanders – being a goalie you expect to be pummeled by pucks, the 20-year-hockey veteran says.

But Justin Samra, 11, isn’t about to get in front of those 100 mph pucks just yet.

“Maybe in a couple of years I will be picking those off – but not right now,” he says.

The machine is turned down to around 50 miles per hour for the Saanich Braves minor hockey player – a speed that still leaves Samra shaking his hand after deflecting a shot.

He does have to move faster then usual though, he admits.

The consistent shots are a definite help in training and being able to target the corners repeatedly will help too.

The machine can also be used to train players on defence and aid in passing drills.
Hmmmm, I guess it's better than Steve Carell's way of practicing goaltending. Although not nearly as freakin hilarious.

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